McCallum Surfboards Quagg 2 Ex-Demo - 6'1

By: McCallum Surfboards

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Almost too pretty to ride, this McCallum Surfboards Quagg 2 Ex-Demo by Jeff McCallum is not only beautiful but functional. Nimble and precise yet easy to paddle, this design is perfect for most of the waves we surf most of the time. Jeff McCallum has become one of the world's ... Read more
  • The McCallum Surfboards Quagg 2 is good in steeper waves and performs well in smaller, more mushy waves.
  • Has a a wider, eggier looking nose and a wide point forward and then at the back it pulls into this roundish, almost rounded square.
  • The Quagg 2 is fun in a variety of waves. Not too much rocker, but just enough to get you into a steeper drop.
  • Really fun, fast, beautiful surfboard.
  • Anything from waist high to a few feet overhead. Prefers cleaner, more lined up waves but can cut through choppier, mushier waves.
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