Futures Fins T1 Honeycomb Twin Fins - Red

By: Futures Fins


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Looking for performance and control in your twin fin without sacrificing that smooth, free, fast twin feeling? The Futures Fins T1 Honeycomb Twin Fins are designed for down the line drive, speed and smooth rail-to-rail feel that iconic twin-fin surfing is known for. The Future... Read more
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  • Size: large, tall twin fins with a tiny trailer so you can try riding your favourite 3 - 5-fin board as a twinny! Rake: moderate rake for all around performance Base: standard base is the optimal width for drive while still allowing for tighter turns
  • Foil: flat foil for controlling the furious speed of a twinny
  • Flex: moderate flex for extra drive
  • Twin Fin: 2-fin configuration with an additional small trailer for stability
Best Matched With: your favourite twin fin, small wave/summer lovin surfboards
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