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Every so often, you come across people who radiate the kind of energy that livens your soul. Grant and Sam belong to that special crew. They're the rad duo behind OneWave, an organisation dedicated to freeing the funk.

Founded in February 2013, this non-profit organisation began with a surf one Friday morning where the boys paddled out dressed in fluro at Bondi, and it has turned into a wave of Fluro Fridays surging right across the world.

The focus of the initiative is mental health. Fluro Fridays smash stigma, and as the boys say, 'free the funk' by getting people out in the water in outrageous fluro get ups, rain, hail or shine.

The thinking behind it is that everyone needs to look after his or her mental health. OneWave lets us know that mental illness can affect anyone, so it's okay not to feel okay.

Source: Instagram @onewaweisallittakes

The genius in Fluro Friday is its simple recipe: laughter, exercise, community and salt therapy. Grant and Sam will have you up with the sun, surrounded by crazy colours and positive vibes. Not only do you reap the benefits of physical exercise, an opportunity to open honest conversations between sets, lots of laughter and a community to lean on if you're struggling. But you also return to yourself with the elation of riding a wave, a feeling that never really fades. As Grant and Sam say, "one wave is all it takes."

OneWave has now collaborated with initiatives like R U OK Day, and Livin, and has even brought Fluro yoga onto the sand. Check their Instagram @onewaveisallittakes for a daily splash of inspiration with epic surfing, awe-inspiring pictures of Fluro tribe members standing hand-in-hand in lines that stretch entire beaches, uplifting quotes and messages and updates on new Fluro Friday locations.

Source: Instagram @onewaveisallittakes

The OneWave crew has grown into a community of epic proportion, with Fluro Fridays held every week right across the globe. In four years, 64 beaches in 14 countries have joined the Fluro wave.

Everyone is welcome at Fluro Fridays and they're free events. And the best part is that if there isn't a participating beach near you, you can start your own! Head to www.onewaveisallittakes.com to check the closest location to you, or find out how you can kick off a Fluro Friday at your local!

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